A Community of Women Mind-Breath-Body-Awareness-Yogic Practice

A Community of Women Mind-Breath-Body-Awareness-Yogic Practice

A Community of Women Mind-Breath-Body-Awareness-Yogic PracticeA Community of Women Mind-Breath-Body-Awareness-Yogic PracticeA Community of Women Mind-Breath-Body-Awareness-Yogic Practice

Women’s SOLO Retreat


A note from Devi Denson.

At Awakening Winds when you come to heal, you will have all of my care and attention. For those of you who are feeling bereft, lost to yourselves, feeling overtaken by the mind-noise of daily living, those of you experiencing executive fatigue; if you’re longing to return to or begin your sacred life; this is your sacred work and the Women’s Solo Retreat at Awakening Winds is your healing place. 

My purpose in life is to nurture the one standing in front of me. To point in a direction that you may develop peace of mind, ignite the happiness and meaning you are longing for. 

This is your SOLO Retreat! Your retreat is an all inclusive guided care retreat. A deeply transformative journey. In your own abode overlooking the Columbia Gorge National Scenic Area you will enjoy time for peaceful solitude. Your days may incorporate multiple 90 minute sessions into the deepest mind states of healing relaxation, yoga wall trainings, breath work, meditation practice support and teachings that match your personal needs and inclinations, Tibetan Energy Yogas, shamanic drumming journey, personal medicine walks into nature in the form of silent guided meditation hikes or snow shoeing.  Includes locally-sourced and organic cuisine breakfast, lunch and dinner. Your room is carefully stocked with nutritionally rich and delicious snacks. Your dietary needs and desires are carefully discussed before your arrival.

In the initial consultation and extended correspondences prior to your SOLO Retreat, your Solo Retreat experience is thoroughly discussed. You will have opportunities to let me know what you need and what you hope for during the precious time you spend at Awakening Winds. These correspondences are a time of great discovery. It gives us a chance to develop mutual understanding; it’s the beginning of trust. 

I am an empath. Which means I have an ability to physically feel and experience what another person is going through. In my practice as an empath, before I embody what is going on for other people, I must have their permission. This permission must come from  the heart; when it does, the work I’ve done with my student/clients has seemed to be miraculous. It’s not however miraculous. It’s me, moving from a natural state of deep compassion, which leads to my empathic abilities. This empathy enables me to know how I may be of greatest benefit to you. And it’s you, now freed up to directly live from and experience your highest natural state of being.

After your Initial Consultations your SOLO Retreat is thoughtfully, intuitively crafted. The process of crafting your retreat takes some time, at least a week. I’m not looking for any obvious answers or to advise you on what to do, say, think, believe or even to accomplish. I’m tuning into what is subtle, I’m slowing down my own mind so that my subtle most awareness may meet with your subtle most awareness. This is the field in which my compassion and empathy grow; the field in which I come to know how to craft your Solo Retreat.

Because I spend so much time in preparation before each Women’s Solo Retreat, I only offer two SOLO Retreats each month.

Please see Testimonials where my student/clients share words about our experiences together.

With love and Compassion,


“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.” - Anice Nin, a French-Cuban novelist

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