A Community of Women in exploration of Yogic Buddhism



"I feel safe with Devi. With her soothing voice she beautifully guides my breath, mind, body into an altered state of peace. Devi has a gift, she's a healer. She leads people home and empowers them"

Natalie Nutting



“From my first mentoring session with Devi Denson, I experienced that her work is transformative. Devi has the gift to take my  overwhelm, chaos, fatigue, and worry and move me into a state of relaxation, peace and grace. She illuminates joy, love, and compassion. Our work has been individualized to my needs and has incorporated breathing, yoga, nature, walking, meditation and her guided meditations have lead me into deep relaxation. She teaches me helpful practices to use and so as we have continued to work together, I find the benefits of working with Devi continue on into my life” -Danielle O'Doherty


Empowered-Awakened-Self Healing

"Devi's offer to heal me came from the heart.  She set me up in such a way that I was completely comfortable and at ease.  Her graceful guided meditation and the feelings they evoked transported me into a space where I felt myself, in a sense, dropping deeper than sleep, yet I was hyper alert to every nuance of her instructions.  Afterwards my physical condition was markedly better than before, and I was mentally refreshed and calm.  She is supremely intuitive and very gifted."   -Vicki Sidley