A Community of Women
Mind-Breath-Body-Awareness-Yogic Practice


Awakening Winds

Awakening Winds is established to support women; to celebrate our innate joy and wisdom. Our gatherings, events, and services explore how ancient Tantrayana Buddhist and Yogic traditions can transform our lives. 

Together we seek to better understand a timeless truth, that we and phenomena are deeply interconnected.

Wisdom shows up in many forms—inspiration, intuition, in dreams, awe and the awakenings that transform us. 

Inner wisdom practiced and shared through the transmission of meditation, prayer, yogic practices, as well as other other ancient methods is the ground of exploration we dive into. 

Together we are seeking to uncover truth within ourselves, develop peace of mind, find, ignite the happiness and meaning we all long for. Together we create enduring friendships, a circle of women.

All women are invited, this is a place for female healing and our particular expression of joy. We love men, men are not excluded out of prejudice, but for the simple truth that we females have a way of expressing ourselves together, that is most often absent in the company of men. 

The Women's Solo Retreat is a  full immersion into profound states of therapeutic rest, immensely powerful meditation techniques and personal healing.  Its purpose is to guide women experiencing a general 

malaise, despair or loss towards 

self-mastery, self-healing.

The house is located in the beautiful hillsides of White Salmon WA, over looking the Columbia Gorge National Scenic Area. 

Founder Devi Denson is a laywoman validated to teach Buddha Dharma and lead introductory Tantrayana practices by Tibetan Master Geshe Gyalten


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